Personal or Business Trip, You Can Travel Right Using MileGo App

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Business-minded people certainly take on their accounts the amount of expenses that they have spent during travels. However, it can be difficult for them to differentiate personal travel and business travel. It’s certainly confusing if they try to manually set apart the time and money that they have given on each trip. Aside from it being time –consuming, it’s also a tiresome job.

Why settle on manually computing your bills and classifying your trip when there is a newly developed mileage tracker app to do the deed? Yes, you heard it right. Technology has stepped up again with its new innovative mileage app called MileGo. It is your best buddy in keeping you on track with your personal and business travel logs. With just a tap away, your mileage can be calculated.

How can MileGo help you in your personal or business travel?

No one wants to write down how long they have traveled when they are spending time for leisure. It would also be a bother if you track your business mileage trip manually. Basically, no one wants to do these. It’s tedious and hassling. But at the same time, it is necessary to keep on track of your trip because tax laws provide different deductible costs when you are operating your automobile.

But who would do all of these tasks?

 Avoid all the hassles. MileGo will do the deed for you.

MileGo is the best mileage app that can categorize each of your trips. This tool uses your phone’s built-in GPS to automatically detect when you get into your automobile and then logs your trip for reimbursement or tax deduction purposes. Whether you’re driving for business, charitable, medical, or personal purposes, MileGo can keep a record of your mileage.

With just a tap on your screen, this efficient mileage tracker can classify your trip as ‘Business’ or ‘Personal’. This app can automatically calculate the applicable IRS reimbursement rates of your standard business drive. Since you can save 53.5 cents per mile for every business mile driven, MileGo can do the math for your savings so you are ready when it’s time to claim it on your tax return!

Other MileGo features that you need to know…

MileGo is truly the best mileage tracker app for you. With its user-friendly features, rest assured that you will be able to properly get a hold of your mileage log and savings. Some of its other key characteristics are:

  • Additional tagging options
  • Automatically shows date or location of each drive
  • Saves your monthly travel history
  • Exports e-mails in easy summaries
  • Captures trips in miles or kilometers
  • It is available in English and Chinese.

MileGo is basically mileage tracking simplified. To know more about this app, do visit their website at .

MileGo is also your best mileage tracker app for android and iPhone. Check these links to get your reliable mileage tracker:

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