Why MileGo Expense Tracker App is Highly Recommended for Small Businesses

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Are you a struggling business owner that tries to keep the company through detailed budgeting? Well, in a world where competition seems to get tighter and tighter with each passing day, everything that can help improve cash flow must be tried. If you have employees that periodically use vehicles for your business purposes, having an accurate mileage tracking app can be a highly economical solution to your dilemma.

Why Do You Need MileGo, the Best Mileage Tracker App?

MileGo allows you to consolidate mileage being earned by your employees by enabling you to set up an unlimited number of drivers on the dashboard. This way, you can easily review the mileage record and approve only the accurate mileage for reimbursement.

In order for you to decide whether you need MileGo for your business or not, it would be good if you have knowledge about how this mileage and expense tracker app works and what it can provide you.


Even if the user is forgetful, MileGo’s system is set up to work automatically and capture drive data for every trip.

Expense Tracker

Milego allows you to track all income and expenses like gas, tolls, hotel, and meals within your every trip. In addition, it also keeps tracks of receipts.

Reporting Options

When the taxpaying season comes, then MileGo mileage tracking app will provide the users the detailed reports that are available in HTML, CSV and PDF format.


As a matter of fact, the employees’ reimbursement claim is integrated with the mileage tracker.

Customer Support

Staffs are always available and the help center is open 24/7. Furthermore, the app is very user-friendly so you would not have usage issues.

Data Storage

All the data are conveniently recorded in automatic secure cloud storage.


MileGo mileage tracker app works smoothly on IOS and Android.

What To Love More About MileGo

MileGo has an automatic drive capture function that uses the features in your phone to automatically detect when you have started driving. In like manner, it helps a lot that you don’t have to remember to start/stop your trips manually. Moreover, you can easily categorize yours and your employees’ trips as either business or personal. By the same token, all trips outside of work hours will be automatically classified as personal.

As a businessman who wants to make it big someday, getting all the help you can in order to lessen your expenses and the business hassles is a must. To sum up, start your move by downloading MileGo today from the following resources:





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