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Are you going out for a drive? Well, if it something that relates to your business, I’m sure you would love to know that there are mobile applications that can help you enjoy deductions when a taxpaying season comes. Working as your best friend on the road, MileGo will surely be your best mileage tracker app around the clock!

If you have been a driver for quite a long time now, I’m sure you are already so familiar with the hassles of tracking your mileage manually. It doesn’t matter whether you remember the logs of your every drive as it would still consume your important time in recording the date, your specific destination, the total miles traveled and all that fuss. Admit it or not, you need a distance tracker or a mileage recorder. Fortunately, the technology has made it easier for you. MileGo is here at your service.

MileGo is mileage calculator app that is properly formatted for IRS rules and laws and reimbursement processes. This app works closely with your mobile’s built-in GPS. It can instantly detect when you are out here for a ride and the efficient system will do the rest, such as saving and classifying each ride. Whenever you need it or if the situation requires, MileGo will automatically crank out a friendly report, IRS ready just like a snap! Rest assured that all of your traveled miles were accurately recorded making it easy for you to get the credit that you’re entitled to!

Why do you need to accurately track your mileage?

As a businessman, you surely know the importance of maximizing your business profits and as much as possible, lessening your burden when it comes to tax. Now, if you’re a driver, then all the more you need to understand why you shouldn’t take each and every drive for granted. The largest possible deduction that the IRS can give you solely depends on your keen records and data. It’s time to take full control not only on the road but as well in your tax duties by having the best mileage tracker app with you everywhere you go!

The IRS Standard Mileage Deduction varies from business travels to leisure. If your data shows the full picture of the miles journeyed over time, the more you can rip the benefits of the deductions! Whether you are in your office or you’re out there in the open, you are not wasting your precious time! Every tick of the distance tracker app takes you closer and closer to the lowest tax you’ll probably have in your life!

It is undeniable that to travel from one place is both one of the most relaxing and most tiring things to do in this world. Whether it’s for business or for leisure, being on the road tends to make you feel free and in charge of your own life. However, with the rising costs of oil, gasoline, road tax and everything, most of us find it a burden when we fall in line on IRS and pay our tax responsibilities. It’s time to take charge and decide whether you’ll pay more or you’ll pay less.

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