MileGo – Your Adventure Tracker and Miles Storyteller

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How many miles have you traveled so far? Have you even once checked the total number of countries you visited? Everyone has their own dream and visiting the places all over the world is surely to be included in the list. People even collect things from that certain country and create a documentary of the trip with hundreds or if not, maybe thousands of pictures aside from videos if you are up to it. But should you only keep track of the memories and just ignore other stuff like money spent in every travel? You might want to take a moment and check out the Mileage tracking app!

It is natural to crave for adventure. To set ourselves in discovering new places that will even make us wish to live there is one of the things that proves travelling is a precious gift we want to have.  Choosing a place we want to visit ignites so many feelings – the excitement of what to expect, the thrill of learning new things, incomparable joy of meeting people plus their culture and also sometimes the fear of getting lost. Let us be reminded of what Jennifer Lee said – “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Just imagine yourself having twinkling eyes when the date of your trip is about to happen. Or perhaps have you experience of having troubles of getting to sleep when you are about to leave for tomorrow? You can surely tell that travelling is a valuable factor of life indeed!

How to get the most of your travel experience?

We all have different definition when it comes to how to live life. But there is one common denominator – the need to travel.  We must not cage or limit ourselves. Let us open the doors, get our bags and explore; just like what Hans Christian Andersen believes, “To travel is to live”.

But we must also be mindful of other things like the money spent whenever we go for a trip. Yes, we do travel to relax from work but we shouldn’t deliberately be careless to the point of emptying our pockets in just a snap.

Let us be a wise traveler. How? MileGo can help us be one!

Did you know that with a mileage tracker device, you can keep a record of sort of things related to your travel escapade? With a specialized function, it has a mileage tracking system that can possibly categorize your trip – may it be a “Business” or “Personal” travel.

Equipped to help you in terms of IRS reimbursement rates so you won’t have to worry about doing the calculations of how much have been spent in one trip. With the function of mileage log, you can also keep records and customize reports relating to tax expenses. All data can be compiled into comprehensive reports that can be easily emailed. So you wouldn’t have to haggle with time just to prepare and log the expenses when your employer or accountant asked for it because you will have a device designed to be the miles for taxes app.

Another bonus, aside from being able to do more such as track and add tolls or even for parking expenses, you will be getting the best mileage tracker app!

If Ibn Battuta says “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”, then mileage tracking app of MilGo can also be the storyteller of your adventure by tracking and keeping records; which will also make you speechless due to it’s awesome functionality!

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