MileGo: A Mileage Tracking App to Save More on the Go

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It’s great to know that new and smart technological breakthroughs are being introduced in today’s world where saving money is essential. New innovations are changing the way we work and live – in a more convenient way. For instance, if you’re going to drive your automobile for business purposes and would want to qualify for taxes deductions, IRS will require you to submit forms for your itemized mileage. So, how would that be possible? Tracking mileage will be easier with the help of a mileage tracking app.

A mileage tracking app can be considered as one of the best choices for your investments. It’s actually an intelligent way to save while you’re on the go.

Understanding More about Mileage Tracking

Mileage tracking refers to keeping a log of miles someone driven for the purpose of tax deduction and reimbursement purposes.

As we all know, the IRS has strict rules and requirements when it comes to tax deductions and the like. If you’re an employee or someone who works and travels between offices and workplaces or doing an errand related to business purposes, then understanding how mileage tracking works are very vital. To accomplish such business goal, the most convenient and an intelligent way is to utilize an app to track the mileage for you.

Mileage tracking app helps determine the start and stop locations as per your time in transit and the actual amount of time spent at that location.

Benefits of using an Automated Mileage Tracker App

Since tracker app intelligently detects trips and generates accurate reporting. This is considered beneficial to those who need it.

Summing it up, the benefits of having an automated mileage tracker app are the following:

  1. Generating real-time data and business insights.
    You can get a real-time report of the mileage you have traveled in just a tap, so detailed and fast available at your hands. Not only that, employers can keep an eye on how their agents or employees are working out on field or during travel. This can serve as a basis for future plans and forecasts.
  1. Cost-effective savings.
    If you’re still depending on manual logging of your mileage, then you’ve wasted a lot of time and money. With an automated mileage tracker app, you’ll save more by calculating the miles and reimbursing after. This definitely will save you loads of money in the form of expense reimbursements and of course, tax deductions.
  2. Transparency in Field Activities.
    You’ll be aware of your account for the miles actually drove and the actual locations traveled for the business. Productivity is increased and will create a positive impact on the workforce.

About MileGo: The App for Automatic Mileage Log

MileGo, an app used as an automatic mileage log utilizes your phone’s built-in GPS. It automatically detects when you start driving and then logs the trip for a tax deduction and reimbursement or purposes.

MileGo allows you to come up with custom reports of all your deductible miles whenever you want. And lo! It can all be done with just a tap of the button. In that way, a comprehensive report will be then submitted in a more professional and convenient manner.

So, the next time you’ll find out that it’s tax time again, you can say that you’re data-ready!

Get started today and start saving now.

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