Avoid Paying Extra Taxes, Save more with MileGo Mileage Tracking App!

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According to various studies, the average contractor drives 75 miles on average every day. These miles are equivalent to over $10,000 in tax write-offs annually. Now that’s an amazing figure, right? But did you know that if a vast part of your traveled miles failed to be reported, you are throwing all those deductible dollars away. Fortunately, you don’t have to do guesswork and paper trails for your traveled miles anymore. MileGo is here to provide you an automatic mileage log wherever you are on the go!

Earn from your mileage by using a mileage tracker app that is reliable, accurate and easy to use. By being aware of what a mileage tracking app can do both for your personal and business expense, I’m sure you won’t dread the moment of the taxpaying season.

Whether you are driving as part of your job or you are simply on the road for a personal trip, you can benefit simply by just using the right tools. MileGo can benefit all kinds of working professionals as well as those who love to go on leisure trips. With all the expense tracker app’s features, you can definitely save money, time and hassles all throughout the year!

Here are the top reasons why you must have an automatic mileage tracker app whenever you’re on the move:

Have you ever felt that IRS is a nightmare? Well, the agency can quite give you a headache especially if you need your tax compliance report. With every trip that needs to be recorded, it is quite a hassle to track them all manually. It also brings confusion and a lot of paper works. With MileGo, you can easily track your trips, mileage, the locations of your trips and even the corresponding deductions for each one, as well as the total.

When the reimbursement period comes, the IRS would require you to present the following:

  • Total number of miles driven
  • The date of each particular trip
  • The driving locations
  • The purpose behind each trip

It is a burden to remember all of these and put them in record all at once, right? Especially if you are such a busy person, every second count. This is where a mileage tracking system would benefit you the most. MileGo has all the features that you would need. Powered by GPS and works efficiently on IOS and Android devices, all you have to do is enjoy every ride and go to IRS more confident than ever when the reimbursement period comes!

MileGo saves you from the hassle of manual mileage log. No need for excel sheets anymore as this app can save as your bookkeeper as well as your accountant! Don’t let your traveled miles go to waste! Convert your travel miles and time into money by downloading this mobile application today! You can see more details from the available links below!





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