Generating Accurate Mileage Logs? Let MileGo Do The Work!

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Tracking mileage for work purposes usually involve pieces of papers or torn page of a notebook and stuff which is some kind of messy and unorganized –  there’s even a tendency of misplacing these papers which may lead to inaccurate logging of your mileage and inaccurate logging of means inadequate reimbursements that is nowhere to be found! You can’t deduct what you can’t prove. Nobody wants that!

Luckily, we are now living in a time when technology is more advanced and it has come to rescue us through the mileage tracker apps that can streamline the process of fleet management, expense computing and accurate reporting that will only require the help of your smartphone. MileGo is created to help you have accurate mileage logs –  the app that can be your best driving companion.

Why do you need mileage tracker apps?

Some business owners and employees who always travel for work must keep their records of business or work mileage. However, most of us also see it as a huge chore thinking that it’s time-consuming.

But come to think of it; if you don’t keep these records, you can’t include the expense on your business or work tax which means you’ll be missing out on a large tax deduction.

Another thing is the IRS requirements that we all know is way too strict basically because it involves money – when you don’t keep your records right, IRS might tell you that the deductions you are claiming don’t count. Frustrating, right?

Claiming the tax deduction for business or work-related mileage can reduce your tax burden.

Mileage tracking apps are basically making you see what your phone’s built-in GPS is for. But aside from that, it also works for your tax deductions and reimbursements which you can add up to your savings. Before, many people neglect to take advantage of this potential tax deduction.

Mileage tracking apps can help you put your money from tax reimbursements and deductions back into your piggy bank; you can even watch it rack up. It can also help you be free from the hassle filing and computing of your expenses – say goodbye to the use of pen and paper and say hello to the automated expense computing that a mileage tracking app can also provide. You can also be sure that it will be accurate for reports generation.

With less effort unlike before, mileage tracking apps make it possible – it is all possible with MileGo.

MileGo makes mileage tracking simplified. From the moment you hop in your car, you’ll just need to start the MileGo app and it will do the work until the end of your trip. MileGo can fetch accurate IRS reimbursement rates and do the math to show you accurate expense report that you will need for tax deduction purposes.

MileGo makes sense of it all – you can assure that not a single cent will be going somewhere else but your savings.

All these in just one FREE Mileage Tracker App. Still looking for the best mileage tracker app? Whether you’re using iPhone or Android, choose only MileGo.

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