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  1. MileGo – Your Economic-friendly App on the Road!

    Are you going out for a drive? Well, if it something that relates to your business, I’m sure you would love to know that there are mobile applications that can help you enjoy deductions when a taxpaying season comes. Working as your best friend on the road, MileGo will surely be your best mileage tracker app around the clock!

    If you have been a driver for quite a long time now, I’m sure you are already so familiar with the hassles of tracking your mileage manually. It doesn’t matter whether you remember the logs of your every drive as it would still consume your important time in recording the date, your specific destination, the total miles traveled and all that fuss. Admit it or not, you need a distance tracker or a mileage recorder. Fortunately, the technology has made it easier for you. MileGo is here at your service.

    MileGo is mileage calculator app that is properly formatted for IRS rules and laws and reimbursement processes. This app works closely with your mobile’s built-in GPS. It can instantly detect when you are out here for a ride and the efficient system will do the rest, such as saving and classifying each ride. Whenever you need it or if the situation requires, MileGo will automatically crank out a friendly report, IRS ready just like a snap! Rest assured that all of your traveled miles were accurately recorded making it easy for you to get the credit that you’re entitled to!

    Why do you need to accurately track your mileage?

    As a businessman, you surely know the importance of maximizing your business profits and as much as possible, lessening your burden when it comes to tax. Now, if you’re a driver, then all the more you need to understand why you shouldn’t take each and every drive for granted. The largest possible deduction that the IRS can give you solely depends on your keen records and data. It’s time to take full control not only on the road but as well in your tax duties by having the best mileage tracker app with you everywhere you go!

    The IRS Standard Mileage Deduction varies from business travels to leisure. If your data shows the full picture of the miles journeyed over time, the more you can rip the benefits of the deductions! Whether you are in your office or you’re out there in the open, you are not wasting your precious time! Every tick of the distance tracker app takes you closer and closer to the lowest tax you’ll probably have in your life!

    It is undeniable that to travel from one place is both one of the most relaxing and most tiring things to do in this world. Whether it’s for business or for leisure, being on the road tends to make you feel free and in charge of your own life. However, with the rising costs of oil, gasoline, road tax and everything, most of us find it a burden when we fall in line on IRS and pay our tax responsibilities. It’s time to take charge and decide whether you’ll pay more or you’ll pay less.

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  2. What You Need to Know About MileGo

    All of us, whatever culture or religion we involve ourselves with, have basic needs to fulfill in order for us to survive. As we grow older, our need to satisfy these needs increases. The amount of food that you eat when you were just a kid is different from the amount of food that you consume now that you are already a grown up. For you to attain a sustainable life, you need to be financially stable. This is what drives you to work hard.

    Nowadays, it is really hard to earn and save money especially if you have a lot of expenses. Maybe you have tried various ways like using different expense trackers just to save money but in the end, it is still not enough. Did you know that only one out of three Americans knows their monthly budget? This is according to an article published by Business Insider. It is alarming because as an individual, it is really essential for you to know your monthly budget. Why? Simply because it will help you monitor your expenses, thus, making you realize where your money goes. In this way, you can track whether you are allotting the right amount of budget on your different expenses.

    In the same article, it is said that the data from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that Americans have an average overall income of $74, 664. Though it has a 7.6% increase compared to 2016, what is disturbing is to where do Americans spend their money. The largest expense goes to the housing which is more than 30% of the monthly budget. Maybe you have thought that next to it is food or other basic necessities but you are wrong. Transportation is the second biggest expense which covers almost 16% of the monthly budget.

    MileGo Can Save Your Day!

    It may seem so small but transportation expense is high because it includes gas, oil changes, and repairs. The problem with vehicle owners is that they face some struggles in tracking down their transportation expenses. If this makes you worry, then there is good news for you. Did you know that you can save a lot of money in terms of expense reimbursements and tax deductions? But how? This is by having a mileage log, which means you have to keep track of your mileage, where all the miles you used to drive to work, visit a hospital or any organization can be counted as expenses.

    The question is how can you calculate the miles that you have taken? Should you do it manually? No way! Aside from it is really hard to do; you cannot ensure that you will do it accurately. Did you know that there is a mileage tracker device that can automatically track your miles and can calculate your expenses at the same time? With MileGo, you can track your mileage automatically! Are you wondering what MileGo is? How does it work? How can it help you save money?

    Know More about MileGo

    MileGo is a smart application that has a mileage tracking system which can automatically detect every time you get into a car using your phone’s GPS. The said application can log your trip for reimbursement or tax deduction purposes. Why is there a need to keep a written record of your mileage? This is because it is needed for you to claim your transportation expense on your tax return. One of the best features that MileGo has is that you can categorize your trip as ‘Business’ or ‘Personal’. It has also additional tagging options.

    MileGo can be your best tool in getting your reimbursement rates to calculate your savings. With MileGo, you can check your expenses by just using your fingertips. Don’t let another day pass and try this amazing application! Know more about MileGo when you visit You can also check it out on Google Play store, Get this mileage tracking app on iTunes by clicking this link:

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    Our intelligent system calculates your miles and logs it in the system without affecting the app performance.

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Did you know that when it comes to time for taxes, all the miles you use to drive for work, visit a hospital or a charitable organization, can be counted as ‘Expenses’? Keeping track of the mileage can save you loads of money, in the form of expense reimbursements and tax deductions. Doing it manually though, is quite an agony. MileGo to the rescue! While you’re at the wheel, this intelligent app is at work, automatically tracking your miles and calculating your ‘expenses’. Smart, isn’t it? It’s MileGo.

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